Implementation of new AWOS/ATIS system

MeteoLux has the pleasure to announce that a new Schneider Electric AWOS/ATIS system has been implemented beginning of October 2015 by the Administration de la navigation aérienne (ANA) at the Luxembourg Airport. The new system is operationally used by the ANA departments MeteoLux and Air Traffic Control in order to continue to provide high quality weather information to our clients.

After a few years of development and with the fruitful participation of different ANA departments, the new workstations can be considered as an added value to Air Traffic Management services as they are not only more reliable than the old system but they offer also the possibility to forward supplementary information to the airport users as required by the international regulations.

The primary objective of the Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) is to deliver to the pilots via the Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) or via other routine reports significant weather information such as wind speed and direction, visibility, present weather, cloud height and coverage, air temperature, dew point temperature, atmospheric pressure and short range weather forecasts.