Press Release FABEC 16.01.2017 - MET Alliance conducts FABEC study about the impact of adverse weather conditions on ATM

MeteoLux is a member of MET Alliance who is collaborating with FABEC on international level in the field of aeronautical meteorology.

At the request of the FABEC air navigation service providers, MET Alliance, a consortium of leading European meteorological service providers, is investigating the possible effects of changes in weather behaviour on air traffic management and more generally the impact of adverse weather conditions on ATM. In 2016, air traffic delays caused by weather doubled. Among the various causes for delays, adverse weather ranks second after capacity. In 2016, adverse weather led to distinctly more delays than, for example, industrial action or implementation of new systems at FABEC level, for example. The study was initiated following severe local thunderstorms witnessed in the spring of 2016, which led to massive delays and cancellations of flights. The main objective of this study is to gather factual data on weather phenomena affecting air navigation services, especially with regard to predicted trends. This should enable the aviation sector to better anticipate future developments. The results are expected to be available in May 2017.